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Guest Post Service

We have a reach to 100s of blogs in all major niches with the following features-

  • The Domain Authority Ranges from DA20 to DA70[We have below DA20 & above DA70 too, but only a few.]
  • The other SEO matrix like PA, CF, TF, MozRank etc matches well with the value of DA.
  • ALL the blogs are genuinely developed by their owners. [that’s why other SEO matrix matches with DA]
  • These blogs are NICHE blogs.
  • They are strictly NOT PBN.

Here, we offer our GENUINE Guest Post / Blog Outreach Service on the following TERMS (NOT packages)–

  • Price for DA51 to DA70 blog post (Group 1) ——- $70 per post. [Max 15 Posts available per (your) site]
  • Price for DA46 to DA50 blog post (Group 2) ——- $60 per post. [Max 15 Posts available per (your) site]
  • Price for DA41 to DA45 blog post (Group 3) ——- $50 per post. [Max 20 Posts available per (your) site]
  • Price for DA31 to DA40 blog post (Group 4) ——- $40 per post. [Max 40 Posts available per (your) site]
  • Price for DA20 to DA30 blog post (Group 5) ——- $30 per post. [Max 50 Posts available per (your) site]
  • TAT (Turn Around Time) will be 2 Months (8 Weeks).
  • Reporting (update on work) will be given bi-weekly i.e. every 2 weeks update on approved posts will be given. Total 4 Reporting.
  • If you choose Max available posts and somehow few posts couldn’t be made in 7 weeks, then we’ll cover up with the remaining amount to an equivalent lower DA blog posts. 
    For example- If you choose 15 posts for DA51-DA70, and by the 7th week, we have made 13 posts & amount remaining in your credit is 2*$70 ($140), then we’ll make 2 $60 posts & 1 $30 post, making it for $150.
  • Minimum FIVE posts need to be purchased in a single order.


BASIC PACKAGE:Five DA20 to DA30 blog posts — $150

NOTE: Buy Multiple Quantity for more blog posts.


  • ONE Blog Post of EACH Above 5 Groups [Total 5 Posts] — $250
  • Five DA51 to DA70 blog posts — $350 
  • Five DA46 to DA50 blog posts — $300 
  • Five DA41 to DA49 blog posts — $250 
  • Five DA31 to DA40 blog posts — $200 
  • CUSTOM PACKAGE — Just tell us, We’ll Make a Custom Package for you.

Niches for which we provide Guest Post (Blog Outreach) service are-

  • General Niche
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Automobile
  • Business & Technology
  • Family & Community
  • Finance & Insurance
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Hobbies & Leisure
  • Home Improvement
  • Jobs & Education
  • Law & Government
  • Real Estate & Construction
  • Sports & Fitness
  • Web design & Digital Marketing

NOTE: Buy Multiple Quantity for more than Five blog posts.

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